Fatten those cattle - Reactions as a man offers his 21-year-old virgin daughter on social media to potential suitors (PHOTOs).

Monday, April 8, 2024 - A man took to his X account and urged potential suitors to fatten cattle as he prepared to hand over his 21-year-old virgin daughter.

He bragged that he handed over all his daughters as virgins.

 “She's turning 21. Still a virgin. I raise them like that. 

"So gents you know what to do fatten those cattle, he wrote.

His post sparked mixed reactions, with a section of X users casting doubt on whether his daughter is a virgin.

He responded saying, “So, here's the thing. I really do not care what feminists and simps think about this post. 

"They have their issues that they are regretful of. How they failed their father's and gave their virginity to the streets. 

"I don't care about those. Simps and g@y dudes with female thinking,’’


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