EZRA CHILOBA was unable to explain the source of his immense wealth! See his net worth! Is he a thief or just a genuine employee?

Friday, April 12, 2024
- Former Communications Authority of Kenya, Chief Executive Officer, Ezra Chiloba, has shocked Kenyans after he was unable to explain the source of his wealth.

Chiloba who has been nominated by President William Ruto as Consul-General for Kenya in Los Angeles, United States of America, told the National Assembly Committee on Defence, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations that his net worth is Sh 800 million.

The lawmakers sought to know how Chiloba amassed this wealth at the age of 46, with a short career stint in the private sector.

Chiloba explained that he started working in 2001 while in school.

He noted that his wealth has been growing over the years from employment income, consultancy services and farming activities.

"I am a farmer, and I engage in agribusiness where I plant and sell avocados in my Kitale farm.”

“I was able to save money from my formal employment," said Chiloba.

Many Kenyans including lawmakers were not convinced that Chiloba could make such money through agriculture.


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