Did RUTO grab the contested 5,000 acres of land in Naivasha that he recently acquired? MARTHA KARUA now raises 7 issues before evictions begin

Friday April 12, 2024
 - Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has issued seven demands to President William Ruto over a 5,000-acre piece of land which has been at the center of recent contests.  

In a lengthy statement, Karua pointed out that families are facing eviction from Ndabibi Farm in Naivasha.

The Azimio la Umoja Principal affirmed that Ruto is the buyer of the said piece of land.

To avert the impending eviction, Karua asked Ruto to explain when he acquired the land, who was the seller and how much he paid for it.

Other questions raised by Karua included: what was his source of money, did his due diligence inform him that there were over forty thousand families who had been residing there for decades, and any special reason that Dr Ruto's ownership was revealed after he assumed power.  

"Is he ready to protect and defend the constitution as he swore and therefore defend the rights of the forty thousand families?”

“Can he withdraw the security agents at the farm pending the settlement of ownership issues?" Karua further asked.

"We are staring at the making of a humanitarian crisis of great proportions, one that would make any serious administration seek to intervene to prevent or mitigate."

Ruto had not publicly announced that he owns the contested piece of land.

However, in March, Naivasha Member of Parliament Jane Kihara insisted that Ruto is the bona fide owner of the 5000-acre piece of land at Ndabibi area in Naivasha. 

Speaking at a public Baraza, Kihara accused a section of leaders of being behind a syndicate of land grabbers targeting unsuspecting owners. 


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