Did DJ JOE MFALME bribe his way out? Fresh twist as the family of slain DCI officer FELIX KITOSI reveals what he told them before he died and cries for justice (VIDEO).

Monday, April 8, 2024 - The murder of senior DCI officer Felix Kitosi has taken a fresh twist after his family expressed fears that justice won't be served following the court's decision to free 6 out of 7 suspects and charge Allan Ochieng (also known as 'Hype Ballo') with the murder.

Speaking outside Kibera Law Courts on Monday, a representative of the family revealed that they spoke to Kitosi hours before he died and he allegedly informed them he was beaten by more than one person.

According to the family representative Jackline Koin, Kitosi told them that police officers witnessed as he was being beaten by DJ Joe Mfalme and his crew.

“Our brother did not die immediately. He told us that he was beaten by more than one person. Why has the other suspects been released?” Jackline posed.

DJ Joe Mfalme’s hypeman has been charged with the murder.

Watch the video of Kitosi’s family crying for justice.

The Kenyan DAILY POST. 

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