DJ JOE MFALME’s hype man was detained alone for 2 weeks at Kabete Police Station - A family member reveals! Is he being thrown under the bus?

Monday, April 8, 2024 - Family and friends of Allan Ochieng alias 'Hype Ballo', who is being charged with the murder of police officer Felix Kelian Kitosi, insist that he is not a bouncer, as claimed by the prosecution in court but a member of DJ Joe Mfalme's team.

During proceedings at the Kibera Magistrate's Court this morning, a social media user by the name 'LUPO' [@shengspear_1 claimed in posts made on X (formerly Twitter) that the prosecution provided misleading information two weeks ago when they stated that DJ Joe Mfalme would be detained at Kabete Police Station, Allan Ochieng, Eric Kariuki Gathua and Simon Wambugu Wanjiru at Muthangari Police Station, while Khadija Abdi Wako, Sammy Cheruyot Rotich and Agnes Kerubo Mogoi (who are police officers) would be detained at Riruta Police Station.

But according to the viral social media post, Ochieng was detained alone at Kabete Police Station for two weeks, while DJ Joe Mfalme (who has now been released after being turned into a state witness) and the others were taken to Muthangari Police Station.

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