Banner calling out a "home wrecker" with her face and work place on display is plastered by a roadside

Friday, April 19, 2024 – A roadside banner branded a woman a “homewrecker” and even included personal information about the woman.

The woman, named only as “Emma” had two pictures of her face plastered on the sign, alongside the warning, “Watch your husbands”.

The other information about Emma they gave was that she worked in a supermarket, Morrisons.

A photo of the banner circulated on X (formerly Twitter) this week. It quickly went viral, racking up views.

Most people joked about the situation.

Someone asked: "Does she work on the meat counter?"

Another said: "More reasons to shop at Morrisons!"

Another person also said: "I've been to 67 different Morrisons since Sunday and can't find her despite wearing my best Old Spice after shave."

Some other people were impressed by the quality of the sign, as one X user wrote: "I wonder if they hired a graphic designer or did it themselves." 

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