A heartbroken man accuses celebrated Kenyan sprinter, FERDINAND OMANYALA, of snatching his beautiful girlfriend and shares their private chats - Hii Imeenda

Saturday, April 14, 2024
- Renowned Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala is on the spot for reportedly snatching another man’s girlfriend.

The heartbroken man shared private chats between Omanyala and his pretty girlfriend who goes by the name Kim Sene, a fitness trainer.

The estranged lover stumbled upon chats between his girlfriend and Omanyala after gaining access into her Instagram DMs.

In the DMs, the lady is seen asking Omanyala whether he arrived safely after they met for secret escapades.

Omanyala tells her he arrived safe and sound and affirms his love for her.

In another conversation, the same lady is seen telling Omanyala that she misses him so much and says she is dying to see him.

Omanyala tells her he has been busy with training but promises to meet her soon.

She also praises his bedroom prowess and vows she cannot leave him.

See the leaked private chats that expose Omanyala badly.


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