Workers beat up their Chinese boss over salary

Friday, March 29, 2024
 – Some Zimbabwean workers took laws into their own hands by beating up their Chinese boss after he failed to pay their salaries on time.

The mine workers from Bikita in videos shared online, took turns to beat up their Chinese boss for failing to pay their salaries. One of the workers was seen in the video boldly approaching the Chinese employer, demanding to know where their money is. The Chinese boss responds dismissively, saying, “Yeah, I know.” The worker then double-claps the Chinese boss.

Other workers in the video caution against striking the boss in the face. The situation intensifies, with the Chinese boss eventually being stripped of his shirt and struck with a belt by the enraged employees.

The enraged Zimbabwean workers continue to press the Chinese boss about their unpaid wages. After being struck with the belt, the boss falls to the ground and pretends to lose consciousness. However, the workers promptly lift him back up, indicating that they are not finished with him before the video concludes.

You can watch the video here

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