Chaos and pandemonium rock a funeral in Trans Nzoia as NATEMBEYA and WETANGULA clash – NATEMBEYA ni Ndume

 Saturday, March 23, 2024 - A burial in Trans Nzoia County on Friday turned ugly after supporters of Trans Nzoia County governor, George Natembeya, clashed with those of Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula.

Natembeya and Wetangula were attending the burial of Sarah Nyongesa, the wife of the former Nominated MCA Philip Nyongesa.

According to witnesses, the mourners became unruly after Wetangula and Natembeya arrived for the service.

Mourners scampered for safety after the supporters of the two leaders became unruly and ungovernable as the rivalry between Natembeya and Wetangula manifested.

The governor was whisked away to safety by his security team during the chaos while Wetangula remained at the venue.

Subsequently, the family of the deceased was forced to proceed to bury their loved one without finishing the service as everything plunged into disarray.

Speaking after calm was restored at the venue, Wetangula accused some individuals of causing chaos at funerals when they don’t even know the deceased.

On the other hand, Natembeya, who claimed that his clothes were torn in the melee, said that there were individuals who were out to ruin the leadership of the Western region.

“There are laws that have started interfering with the politics of the western region. We cannot allow that to happen. 

"People are now surprised because the benefits they have been getting alone are slowly ending,” he said


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