Unlicensed drunk driver crashes sports car during his gifted birthday experience (VIDEO)

Thursday, March 28, 2024
 – A drunk driver without a license crashed a mustard-colored Ford Mustang in the middle of a Czech road.

CCTV footage taken from the scene at Pilnáčkova Street in the Czech city of Hradec Kralove showed how the reckless driver lost control of the vehicle.

Unable to tame the 430bhp Mustang, the drunk driver skidded off the tarmac, and smashed into a road sign before ripping off the sports car's bumper.

For a moment it looked as though his fellow motorists would miraculously escape the carnage.

Police rushed to the scene and immediately administered a breathalyser test and found the driver was indeed drunk at the wheel.

Further inspection revealed he was also driving without a licence.

The police's investigations discovered that the 50-year-old driver had been gifted a ride in the Mustang as a birthday gift but only as a passenger.

After enjoying a glass of beer and a shot of rum over a birthday lunch, the man went to check the car. Instead of asking him to sit in the passenger seat, the car's owners handed him the keys without checking his licence.

A Hradec Kralove police statement read: 'The 50-year-old committed four offences at the same time - running a red light, not adhering to the speed limit, driving without a driver's licence and being drunk behind the wheel.

'Whether anyone else has committed an illegal act is the subject of further investigation.

Police also revealed that the Megane suffered an estimated 50,000 Czech crowns' worth of damage (£1,688), while repairs to the Mustang were estimated to cost some £7,000.

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