Ukisimama mbele yangu, napita na wewe – GACHAGUA intensifies the fight against illicit brew

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is not taking prisoners as far as the fight against illicit brew is concerned.

The former Mathira Member of Parliament has vowed to heighten the fight against illicit brew in the country to the last drop of his blood.

On Sunday, Gachagua visited a family that lost members to alcohol and promised to do everything humanly possible to ensure no one loses a loved one to alcohol again.

"The devastating and sad stories of the impact of illicit brews, drugs, and substance abuse, particularly on families, are catastrophic.

"The story of 85-year-old Mama Grace Wahu, a widow, should prick the conscience of merchants of death, who package poison in the name of cheap alcohol and sell it to our youth.

"This afternoon, I visited the home of the grandmother at Kongoini village in Kiharu, Murang'a County, and listened to her tearjerking story," Gachagua said in a statement on X.

To Gachagua, the fact that a family can lose such several family members to alcohol should be considered a national shame.

"A mother of 11 lost her seven sons to the killer illicit liquor. The deep pain of burying her children as a result of this vice is a national shame. Mama Wahu's story is a clear demonstration of the danger we are facing.

"And this is the sad story almost everywhere, only that people are not giving personal accounts," he added.

He affirmed the government's commitment to combating the vice and said nothing would stop them from fighting it to the end.

"The government will not relent in the fight against killer brews. The William Samoei Ruto Administration will eradicate this menace.”

"It is the right and most responsible thing to do. Nothing will stand in our way," he concluded.


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