DCI officers in Kilifi are a bunch of crooks – See what they are doing to residents just to please land grabbers in the county?

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro has dared the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to a showdown after what he claims is the officers’ intervention in the county’s land matters.

According to the Governor, the County DCI officers have been interfering in land matters where he further claimed that the officers had threatened the residents.

He alleged that the land grabbers were using the DCI officers from the region to harass natives.

However, he cautioned the officers stating that land matters were outside their jurisdiction, adding that the county already had laws, regulations, and frameworks to solve such problems.

“This story about threats from people from DCI, I don’t want to hear them, we have County laws, and we have our by-laws,” stated Mung’aro.

According to the residents, the DCI has been summoning them randomly to their offices under the guise of other charges only for them to find land matters as the issue being solved in the offices.

While making his remarks, Mung'aro vowed that any building erected illegally would be demolished.

He added that acquiring permits to build was the sole responsibility of the county and any eviction notice or demolition authorisation would have to come from the relevant offices.

“If you build without a permit, we will bring the buildings down, if you build a wall or a storey house, we will bring it down,” cautioned Mung’aro.

This comes after residents of the area faced eviction notices which they allege are from business tycoons.

The residents explained that the tycoons claim to be well-connected with high-ranking officials from the country's top security agencies and senior national government officials.

Mung’aro has since called for a meeting with the regional DCI heads and land officials to deliberate on the matter.


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