TYSON FURY reveals his new diet that sparked his body transformation as he prepares for USYK fight

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
 – Heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury has shared his new diet with fans as the heavyweight boxer has undergone an amazing body transformation.

In recent weeks boxing fans have applauded Fury's weight loss after his fight with Ukrainian, Oleksandr Usyk in February was postponed due to a cut he sustained during sparring.

Fury continues his preparations ahead of his upcoming blockbuster clash against Oleksandr Usyk fight on May 18 in Saudi Arabia.

Now, Fury has given fans a glimpse of what he is food he has been fuelling up with to take on

Fury shared a very basic meal of chicken, rice and a salad, a meal his nutritionist Greg Marriott calls a strict diet plan.

In an interview with Men's Health earlier this month Marriott revealed Fury is eating 3,000 calories on rest days and between 4,500-6,000 when training.

The diet has been geared around Fury having enough energy to train but also managing a reasonable weight.

Even though, Marriott claimed the WBC champion is in "amazing" shape he needs to lose more weight before his fight with Usyk.

He told Men's Health: "I can promise you, you're gonna see a different Tyson Fury.

"Whatever I tell Tyson to do, he just adheres to it. He puts 100 per cent trust in me.

"So for Tyson really, there is no challenges because he knows he'll be in peak condition. He's been there, done it and got the t-shirts.

"I think for this fight, he just thought 'I just want to get back to looking great', and with that comes feeling great too, and being able to do the rounds.

"He's happier knowing that he's already in amazing shape now. He doesn't have to think about getting weight off anymore. We've already done that. I've already got him the weight off.

"You're gunna see another 50% on top of where he is now."

At the moment the 35-year-old is eating up to six meals a day whereas he had previously had one or two meals a day.

His meals include having two slices of toast, avocado butter spread with fresh garlic tabasco and black pepper for breakfast, as well as fresh plum tomatoes and lean beef mince sausages.

Breakfasts can also include Oatmeal and protein with fresh nuts and chia seeds, and omelettes.

For lunch, Fury has a 400 gram filet steak with Dijon mustard, as well as roasted vegetables including broccoli, asparagus and beetroot.

Last year Fury faced criticism for his body conditioning after he scraped a win against Francis Ngannou after a split decision.

But his next against Usyk heavyweight bout will elect its first unified champ in 24 years in May with a staggering £100million prize pool up for grabs

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