To hell with the Deputy President’s seat; I don’t care about it anymore – GACHAGUA vows to pay the ultimate price

Monday, March 11, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is now ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against illicit brew in the country. 

Speaking yesterday, Gachagua said he would not succumb to threats and other forms of intimidation, emphasizing that he is ready to pay the political price to restore the dignity of the people, especially the youth.

“I was not born in the seat of the Deputy President. If I lose this seat for stopping poison packaged as alcohol being sold to our children, so be it. 

"There is no pride in leading a drunk nation. There is no pride in leading people who cannot work,” remarked the Deputy President. 

“Illicit brews are killing our children. The youth are sleeping in trenches. 

"We were staring at losing an entire generation. That is why the Government issued tough directives against Illicit brews, drugs, and substance abuse. 

"We are not fighting businesses that are selling legitimate liquor,” he added.

Gachagua also said eradication of the illicit alcohol menace and drugs will lead to a productive nation, with people living in dignity.

Last week, the Government issued various directives aimed at eradicating illicit liquor, drugs, and substance abuse. 

"Key among the directives was the cancellation of second-generational manufacturing licenses awaiting fresh application and the closure of alcohol outlets near schools.


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