Singer ARIANA GRANDE reveals she 'cried herself to sleep' and was left 'needing therapy' following split from ex-husband DALTON GOMEZ

Monday, March 11, 2024
 – American singer, Ariana Grande has revealed she 'cried herself to sleep' and was left 'needing therapy' following her split from ex-husband Dalton Gomez.

The pop star, 30, intends to spill everything about failed marriage on Eternal Sunshine, her much-anticipated new studio album.

After just two years of marriage, Ariana and Dalton separated last year, with their divorce settled in October.

She soon moved on to a controversial relationship with her current boyfriend and Wicked co-star Ethan Slater.

In Don’t Wanna Break Up Again, Ariana sings: 'I fall asleep crying, you turn up the TV. You don’t wanna hear me.'

The singer continues: 'Baby, I made it so easy. Spent so much on therapy. With my own co-dependency. But you didn’t even try.'

Other tracks such as Bye, also give an insight into the breakdown of her marriage as she sings: 'So I grab my stuff, Courtney just pulled up in the driveway, it’s time, bye-bye. Maybe someday we’ll look back with love.

'Didn’t think you’d lose me. Now it’s just too late to choose me.'

She sent fans into a frenzy following Eternal Sunshine's release, as they speculated that her husband Dalton might have cheated on her.

After listening to the track, her fans who noticed cryptic lyrics in the titular track accused her spouse of being unfaithful.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, fans claimed that if Dalton was unfaithful, Ariana 'deserves an apology' after she faced months of accusations of being a homewrecker for her romance with Ethan Slater.

The lyrics in question were: 'So now we play our separate scenes // Now, now she's in my bed, layin' on your chest // Now I'm in my head, wonderin' how it ends.'

Fans were quick to read between the lines and rushed to social media to claim it may mean that Dalton cheated on Ariana during their marriage.


'I understand why Ariana was calling her marriage a situationship since that man was turning up the TV while she was crying and refusing to fly to the UK to see her cause she was ''busy'' but he was really going to clubs and cheating on her,' a second added.

'Ariana Grande dedicated an ENTIRE AMAZING ALBUM to you (positions) and how did you thank her? cheating on her and letting her cry at night without giving a f**k BYE BYE BOY BYE.'

'The world was so quick to call Ariana a homewrecker when her 'husband' was literally cheating on her and had a whole b***h laying in HER bed... she is owed a HUGE apology'

'Ariana was being called a homewrecker by the ENTIRE internet only for HER HUSBAND TO HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON HER??? LIKE DON'T PLAY WITH ME RN

'All this time he was cheating on Ariana??'

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