The country is on the right path – NDINDI NYORO tells Kenyans to expect a 'KIBAKI moment' in the coming few months.

Monday, March 18, 2024 - Kiharu Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, has told Kenyans that President William Ruto has finally managed to stabilise the Kenyan economy which has been in turmoil since he took power in 2022.

Speaking in Kisii County on Monday, Nyoro, who also serves as chair of the Budget Committee in the National Assembly, said the shilling has continued to gain drastically against the dollar in recent days, a strong indication of economic recovery under President William Ruto's administration. 

"With reducing inflation in the US and Britain, we are likely to see more remittances back home which will spur the economy further," Nyoro said.

The remittances from the West, he noted, constitute 54 percent of the country's external earnings and leverage the country's economic growth. 


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