Tension as bid to exhume the late MWAI KIBAKI's remains gathers momentum following family feud – Look! This is absurd

Saturday, March 2, 2024 – The body of the late former President Mwai Kibaki may be exhumed following a family feud.

This is after his alleged son Jacob Ochola moved to the High Court to have Kibaki’s remains exhumed for DNA test to ascertain his paternity.

Ochola is claiming a share of Kibaki’s multibillion estate and wants the court to order DNA on Kibaki’s body and analyse it with his DNA to clear the doubts that he is indeed the late president’s son.

The move follows the collapse of talks to have the matter resolved out of court.

In the case, Jacob Ochola and a woman codenamed JNL moved to court claiming a stake in Kibaki's wealth on the argument that they were sired by the former President. 

They have since asked the court to order DNA tests to show they are children of the former head of state.

They want to be recognised as his children and beneficiaries of his estate.

Ocholla and JNL want the court to order a sibling or paternity DNA test.

In the first prayer, they want the court to direct them together with Kibaki’s four children be subjected to a DNA test to establish whether they are children of the late President.

The children are Judy, James Mark Kibaki, David Kagai Kibaki and Anthony Andrew Githinji Kibaki.

In the second and alternative prayer, they want the court to order the exhumation of Kibaki’s body for extraction and collection of samples to be used in a DNA paternity test.

In October last year, the parties asked Justice Eric Ogola to give them time to resolve the issue out of court.

However, the talks appear to have collapsed hence the drastic move.


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