Sisi apana tambua wewe as Bomet residents storm Governor BARCHOK’s office demanding his resignation just after RUTO begged them to give him a chance – Look!

Monday, March 18, 2024 - Bomet residents defied President William Ruto’s warnings and went ahead to storm Governor Hillary Barchok’s, office to demand his resignation over the weekend.

The irate residents stormed the county offices, gaining access, where they demanded that the Governor tender his resignation over what they termed as a lack of development in the county.

Despite breaching the premises, the residents did not find the governor prompting them to leave after a bout of chanting and demanding the governor’s ouster.

This incident came moments after the residents heckled Barchok during Ruto's tour of the county.

The heckling is said to be a culmination of supremacy wars between the supporters of Governor Barchok and Senator Hillary Sigei.

Earlier on, residents shouted down the Governor in front of Ruto, denying him an opportunity to speak as he ascended to the podium.

It took the intervention of the President to calm down the residents. Ruto appeared irked by the heckling which has become prevalent in his rallies across all regions in Kenya.

To that effect, Ruto warned the residents against the heckling and further cautioned politicians against paying youths to interrupt their opponents in rallies.

He also reminded the residents that they had elected the politicians and that it would be best that they vote them out during the elections seeing that they were responsible for them being in office in the first place.


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