Singer ARIANA GRANDE suggests ex-husband DALTON GOMEZ cheated in new song

Monday, March 11, 2024 – American singer, Ariana Grande insinuated that her ex-husband Dalton Gomez cheated in a new song she released.

Ariana dropped her latest album "Eternal Sunshine" on Friday, March 8, and in the titular song, she calls out a man whom she says played her by lying and cheating.

The lyrics were;

“I've never seen someone lie like you do // So much, even you start to think it's true // So now we play our separate scenes // Now, now she's in my bed, mm-mm, layin' on your chest // Now I'm in my head, wonderin' how it ends. Showed you all my demons, all my lies // Yet you played me like Atari // Now it's like I'm lookin' in the mirror // Hope you feel alright when you're in her I found a good boy and he's on my side.”

The lyrics suggests she was talking about Dalton since she was married to the guy, and also since their relationship immediately preceded this big splashy album.

Inversely, she also appears to be referencing her current boyfriend, Ethan Slater, as the “good boy.”

Ariana has been in the news lately over her romantic relationship. She was infamously labeled a "homewrecker" by fans and even Ethan's ex-wife, Lilly Jay, implied she swooped in on her husband.

This is because after news of their affair made headlines, Ethan officially pulled the plug on his marriage. They've since been virtually inseparable.

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