Shock as BIDEN refuses to send US troops to Haiti despite urging RUTO to deploy police officers to the troubled Caribbean nation – Does he know something we don’t?

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 – In a surprising turn of events, US President Joe Biden's administration has rejected plans to send their troops to Haiti in the Kenya-led peacekeeping mission.

This is despite Biden urging President William Ruto to deploy Kenyan troops to the troubled Caribbean nation to restore peace.

According to the National Security official, the US is urgently mobilising all possible assistance, including from the international community, to aid the Caribbean nation.

Meanwhile, after Haiti declared a state of emergency, John Kirby the White House National Security Communications Advisor emphasised that the White House was working to expedite the deployment of Kenya police officers.

"Through the weekend, senior US government officials remained in close contact with senior Haitian government officials and members of the international community to help stabilise the situation and to move quickly toward an enduring political solution," Kirby remarked.

He emphasised that the US was working with international partners to offer Haiti immediate support.

The decision to not send US troops to the Caribbean nation was made despite requests from Haitian officials who argued that Kenya's deployment had been delayed leading to more chaos.

Haitian officials called for the emergency deployment of the US special forces.

Kenya was among four nations who are set to deploy officers to the war-torn nation. 

"Some of these countries are Jamaica, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda. Last week, Benin pledged to send 2,000 troops to the mission.

Kenya's deployment was however blocked by the High Court in January and termed as unconstitutional.


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