See the amount RUTO is now charging Kenyans to register and activate their Boma Yangu account to access affordable houses? This is daylight robbery

 Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - Kenyans seeking to register for the Affordable Housing Program will be required to pay a Ksh200 activation fee, according to Boma Yangu. 

Boma Yangu, which is the gateway platform for the Affordable Housing Program, states that the Ksh200 is the minimum payment a Kenyan can make before being allowed to add any house to their wish list.

To view the houses available, Kenyans must first register through the eCitizen platform so as to be able to access the Boma Yangu houses. 

“Once you register, one can view all the available projects on Boma Yangu and add their preferred units to their wish list,” Kenyans are told. 

“The applicant shall deposit a minimum of Ksh200 to activate their account and continue saving any amount at their convenience through the different payment options,” Boma Yangu explained why the Ksh200.

Once you log on to your eCitizen platform, select the Ministry of Lands, Public Works, and Urban Development tab and proceed to the State Department of Housing and Development.

In the tab, you will be able to select Boma Yangu, where you will be given a prompt to register. 

“You must complete your profile by submitting your personal details, and housing preferences. When you register, your details will be verified by the relevant government agencies,” Kenyans are told. 

Once you click on register, the following notice appears on your screen, “Make your first saving. Start your home ownership journey by making the minimum contribution to activate your account.”

Subsequently, you will receive a notification to initiate the Ksh200 payment from your phone.

Noteworthy, it is impossible to edit the amount you need to pay when activating your registration. 

Should you cancel payment of the Ksh200, your interaction in the portal will only be limited to viewing ongoing projects. 


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