RUTO’s subsidized fertilizer program in jeopardy after it emerged that most of it is just packaged sand – You won’t believe what KEBS has done after the expose

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - Kenya National Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has recalled all fertiliser brands distributed by Africa Diatomite Limited and revoked the standardization marks following the NTV investigative piece that exposed unethical trading practices by the company.

KEBS, through its Managing Director Esther Ngari, explained that they had taken the step after the expose showed the company hoodwinking Kenyans by packaging sand and selling it as legitimate fertilizer.

In a statement yesterday, Ngari explained that tests conducted on 59 samples all showed that the products failed to meet the prescribed quality standards.

"As per our mandate, we have communicated this to the manufacturer and have given them strict conditions to maintain the same high-quality standards we expect, read a statement issued by the regulator.

Further KEBS has assured that they would take legal action against the company to ensure that its managers are held accountable.

"Therefore, we have withdrawn the standardization mark from (company's name withheld) and have asked them to recall all their products in the market. We remain committed to ensuring our standards are met to protect the health and well-being of all Kenyans."

Ngari also thanked the media house for highlighting the plight of farmers and requested future information in case of any other alleged unscrupulous trade.

"I also want to thank Africa Uncensored for the investigation. The intelligence you gave us is very helpful and even in future we would want to receive any kind of intelligence because we depend on stakeholders to protect the consumers,” explained Ngari

The documentary which aired on Sunday evening alleged that the company passed off sand from a mining site in Kariandusi and sold it to unsuspecting farmers as organic fertiliser.


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