RUTO is a very angry man, and may be contemplating sacking all his CSs – See how he reprimanded them at State House yesterday for disobeying his order?

Friday, March 22, 2024 - President William Ruto lost it yesterday after he reprimanded his Cabinet Secretaries for disobeying his direct order.

Speaking during the launch of the Medium-Term Plan IV at State House in Nairobi, Ruto expressed his displeasure after Cabinet Secretaries failed to comply with his instructions on the nationwide tree planting exercise. 

The Head of State noted each Cabinet Secretary had been handed the role of facilitating the planting of trees in two counties.

According to Ruto, the CSs were instructed to draft and submit their plans and strategies of how they would ensure the project was a success.

However, the head of state noted that he had yet to receive any meaningful strategies and plans from the CSs on the nationwide programme.

This did not go down well with Ruto who expressed his disapproval of the Cabinet Secretaries' failure to act.

“Every Cabinet Minister has already been assigned 2 counties and we will be expecting clarity. Every Cabinet Secretary and their team are doing on the tree planting exercise,” Ruto stated.

“I note with a bit of concern that I am yet to receive any meaningful strategy and plan from Cabinet Secretaries,” he added.

The CSs, according to Ruto, were to facilitate the plantation of between 400 million to 600 million trees in each county.

While commenting on the matter, the Head of State called on each minister to ensure they submit their plan promptly before the long rains begin, as predicted by the weatherman, failure to which they will have him to contend with.

"I will be expecting that every Cabinet Secretary will mobilise tree seedlings, communities, private sector, development partners and friends to participate in this excess in each county," Ruto stated.


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