ODM rebel TOM OJIENDA now reveals the real reason he supported and voted for RUTO’s punitive Affordable Housing Bill – RAILA in the mix

Friday, March 22, 2024 – Rebel ODM legislator and Kisumu Senator, Tom Ojienda, has confirmed that he indeed supported and voted for President William Ruto’s controversial Affordable Housing Bill, which is now law.

Speaking yesterday, Ojienda explained why he threw his weight behind the revised iteration of the Affordable Housing Bill, despite coming from a region where leaders vehemently opposed it.

While justifying his decision, the rebel legislator pointed out that Affordable Housing was a key component of his party Leader Raila Odinga’s manifesto.

“My party has a framework in the ODM manifesto, Affordable Housing is one of the pillars and you know very well that the party leader spoke well about the project,” explained Ojienda.

He also added that his support for the project was based on the availability of jobs for people from his county which will be guaranteed by the law.

According to Ojienda, every Kenyan can apply to receive a house with the government, having confirmed that issuance will be on a first come first serve basis.

He also clarified that the government was working to ensure that each county had an Affordable Housing project constructed.

Moreover, Ojienda added that within some counties such as Homabay and Nairobi, some projects were almost complete.

His argument also centred around explaining that the project would seek to revitalise the estates in the country which had been run down.

However, ODM and the Azimio Coalition at large both opposed the bill before it was passed noting that it will impose a heavy tax burden on Kenyans.

Ojienda is one of the ODM rebels who were expelled from the party for aligning themselves with Ruto before they were saved by the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal.


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