Pastor NG’ANG’A challenges Pastor EZEKIEL to send him Sh 2 million after he gifted BENNY HINN Sh14.6 million

Friday, March 1, 2024 - Neno Evangelism Ministry lead pastor, James Maina Ng’ang’a, has challenged New Life Church and Prayer Centre pastor, Ezekiel Odero, to gift him Sh 2 million after he gifted pastor Benny Hinn Sh14.6 million.

Ezekiel surprised many Kenyans who attended the Benny Hinn crusade at Nyayo Stadium last weekend when he offered to offset a Sh 14.6 million bill that the crusade's organisers had accrued.

Ng'ang'a said since Ezekiel had Sh14.6 million to support Hinn’s ministry, he should extend the gesture to him, considering local preachers were directed to donate Sh1.5 million towards the event.

"He (Benny Hinn) did not know what the value of $10,000 is in Kenya. Those who went there thought it was a hustler's KSh 10,000. 

"When it was clarified they (pastors) went back! It is not like Benny Hinn has no money." Nganga said.

Nganga's sentiments come a few days after he criticized Pastor Benny Hinn, saying he was a shadow of his former self.

"I went to the meeting. I just went to see how God uses him. I will not speak now, but something is wrong. That man struggled. 

"He struggled. He is a singer and he sang in my presence, but he struggled. I am a man of tactics,” Nganga told his church on Sunday.


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