NJERI publicly shames Former Mastermind Tobacco Head of Finance, JOSEPH SITATI, over Ksh 30,000 monthly child support - Fear Kikuyu ladies.

Friday, March 15, 2024 - Popular communication consultant Njeri Thorne has taken to her X account to shame Former Mastermind Tobacco Head of Finance Joseph Sitati over monthly child support.

Njeri took Sitati to court in 2021 when he was a non-executive director at KenGen and demanded monthly child support of Ksh 200,000.

The subject child was born out of wedlock arising out of a mutual short-term relationship.

However, Sitati said he can only raise Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the child.

He further told the court that he was living from hand to mouth on advances and borrowed money to cater for all needs, not to mention that he had been listed by several facilities at the Credit Reference Bureau.

‘’The demand by Njeri is unreasonable. But I am ready and willing to contribute Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the said child, he told the court.

The court directed him to be paying Ksh 30,000 in monthly child support to Njeri.

However, he has not sent her the money for several months after he lost his job at Mastermind Tobacco.

The company was shut down last year, leaving thousands jobless.

He pleaded with Njeri to give him time and promised to send her the money.

However, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Njeri publicly shamed him on the X platform and lectured him like a toddler through emails.

See screeenshots.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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