Mother reveals how pregnancy cured her of an enlarged heart

Sunday, March 10, 2024
 – A mother has gone on Facebook to narrate how pregnancy cured her of an enlarged heart.

Sylvia Amaka Ogbaegbe wrote: "Pregnancy CAN cure you of an ailment.

"When I had one of the necessary tests required  to travel, they found out I had an enlarged heart.

"Of course, before then, I could bet I was 100% healthy even when I easily got exhausted from doing small tasks.

"Fast forward to when I got pregnant for my daughter and had to do series of test later on to know the state of the heart and how to manage it...

"Somehow, little foetus of mine has repaired it for me."

This isn't the first time a pregnant woman has reported being healed of an ailment during pregnancy.

Fetal cells migrate into the mother during pregnancy, according to scientists, and it is believed that a fetus can send its own stem cells to its mother to repair damaged organs

These fetal cells may also protect mothers from disease long after the baby has been born.

Studies suggest that in some situations fetal cells can be beneficial to moms, Dr. J. Lee Nelson, at the University of Washington, says.

"I think you've got to think of these cells as friends," she says.

Scientists have also found fetal cells in scar tissues, specifically scars left by C-sections. These cells make collagen. So the fetus could be helping the mom recover after birth by repairing wounds.

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