Magistrate arrested after allegedly accepting groceries and microwave as bribe

Saturday, March 02, 2024
 – Murehwa Magistrates’ Court’s senior magistrate, Terence Mashaire, has been accused of accepting a bribe to manipulate a trial verdict.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) said Mashaire allegedly received groceries, stationery, and a Defy Microwave from the defendant, Allen Bhaswi, in September 2023. The gifts were purportedly given as a token of appreciation for the favourable ruling in Bhaswi’s case.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) also said the magistrate and Bhaswi went beyond a professional relationship, engaging in communication before and after court sessions. The case, which concluded in December 2023, resulted in a ruling in favour of Allen Bhaswi.

Law enforcement officers later discovered the stove at Mashaire’s residence, providing further evidence of the alleged bribery.

Even after the conclusion of the case, Mashaire’s involvement did not cease. The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) appealed the judgment in the Allen Bhaswi case. Mashaire reportedly continued to advise Bhaswi on the legal proceedings at the High Court. An additional allegation states that Mashaire received USD450 through Ecocash from Bhaswi.

Terence Mashaire has been remanded in custody and is set to appear in court on 4 March 2024 for a bail ruling. The scandal has raised concerns about the integrity of the judiciary. The potential influence of external factors on legal decisions is being questioned.

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