LADY recounts how her husband had an affair with her bestfriend while she battled with cancer

Sunday, March 10, 2024
 – A White woman has taken to X to recount how her ex-husband had an affair with her best friend while she battled with cancer.

In a post shared on her handle, the lady stated that their affair carried on even while she was getting chemo. She however stated the pair broke up after a while.

She wrote

''My (ex) husband had an affair with my (former) best friend while I was fighting for my life with cancer, and their affair carried on while I was getting chemo- alone.

He left before I found out…but here’s the kicker. She and I still work together. It’s been hard the last 8 years, but I’ve managed to stay professional and cool. She has tried a few times for us to be friends again, but I drew the line. Nope. You don’t get to break my trust twice.

Not seeing her face at work is one of the top reasons I’m looking forward to my new job.

He’s alone.

She’s alone.

I have an AMAZING guy.

I won.''

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