Kenyans to go to referendum as Parliament adopts RUTO-RAILA’s NADCO report with far-reaching proposals

Monday, March 18, 2024 – Kenyans are headed for another referendum after Parliament adopted the NADCO report that has far-reaching proposals.

This was revealed by National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) Chair George Murugara.

Speaking during an interview, Murugara noted that Kenyans will likely go for a referendum to actualise some of the proposals contained in the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report. 

The Tharaka MP stated that the NADCO report had made far-reaching proposals including altering the structure of the government.

Explaining the way forward, he stated that this cannot be achieved through a parliamentary bill but through a popular vote by Kenyans.

“There are areas that we must go to the referendum. We will be isolating what is for parliament to pass and what to go to referendum,” he stated.

“Areas that touch on the structure of government and structure of parliament will be approved through a referendum.” 

On the structure of government, Murugara remarked that the issue will not be put into a referendum if the proposed post of Prime Minister does not have powers that go beyond that of a cabinet secretary. 

The parliamentarian further disagreed with sentiments made by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka that the Bills prepared by NADCO should not be amended by Parliament. 

He explained that while the NADCO committee may propose bills, JLAC had a legal mandate to ensure constitutional conformity.

He further clarified that there was no animosity between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio regarding the implementation of the NADCO report. 

He expressed caution that there may be issues of contention once the teams started discussing the bills proposed in detail. 


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