'I look at myself like, what the f**k?' - KATIE PRICE admits she thinks her B00BS are far too big after 16th surgery

Thursday, March 14, 2024
 – Former glamour model, Katie Price has admitted she looks at herself in the mirror and thinks her boobs are far too big.

The 45-year-old mother of five underwent her 16th breast augmentation in 2022 in a bid to have the 'biggest boobs in Britain'.

Now, Katie appears to be having second thoughts about the size of her breasts after coming across a video of herself on stage at an event.

Speaking on the Not My Bagg podcast, she said: 'My t**s look massive, I realised looking at myself, what the f***, sort it out, Kate.'

Katie has undergone an array of procedures over the years, including rhinoplasty, a silhouette facelift, 3D, veneers, lip fillers, and Botox.

She had her first boob job in 1998 while she was modelling, boosting her 32B cup breasts to a 32C.

The procedure cost £4,500 and it's thought her mum Amy and stepdad Paul helped pay for her to have the procedure.

After she got her 16th procedure, Katie told OK! magazine of her current boobs: 'I love them. They healed really quickly and they didn't hurt at all.

That probably doesn't help. Because I heal quickly, it doesn't put me off and I have more.

'I would go bigger as well – and I will eventually. I just love having big boobs and a small body. I've always loved that look. In my eyes, if I'm having a boob job, I want them to look fake, I don't want them to look natural. I don't like the natural look.

'I just like that old-school American Playboy pin-up look. When I have surgery, that is what I'm striving for. If I could look like my airbrushed pictures, that would be amazing. But that's impossible to achieve.'

Katie also insisted that she doesn't care if people think she is 'addicted' to surgery and is aware she goes under the knife partly because she has 'never felt attractive' and is seeking validation.

The mum-of-five - who has Harvey, 20, Junior, 17, Princess, 15, Jett, nine, and eight-year-old Bunny from previous relationships - added: 'It's my choice and my body.'

But Katie admitted that she did regret her 2021 Brazilian butt lift, and had the fat which had been injected removed.

The TV personality confessed that she 'absolutely hated' her BBL and branded it 'the worst thing' she ever did.

Katie has acknowledged she probably has body dysmorphia and could end up looking like a 'freak' if she doesn't stop having surgeries.

Speaking on the Go Love Yourself podcast, she said: 'I have never thought I'm good looking and I still don't. Maybe I have got body dysmorphia, and I have to admit I have got body dysmorphia because I am always changing stuff.

'I know sometimes when I have gone too far. I have been there done it with all the fillers. I don't have fillers now. I do in my lips and I have Botox because it got to the point where my face just looked like a balloon. Like really shiny.

'I am fine at the minute. I am getting my lips done this week. I don't need to do anything yet, but I will. I will still continue the journey and probably look like a freak in about ten years, but that's me.'

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