Here is WILLIAM RUTO’s message to Kenyans as they celebrate EASTER Holiday.

Friday, March 29, 2024 - President William Ruto has sent a message to Kenyans as they celebrate the Easter Holiday, which began today.

In a statement on Thursday evening, Ruto said Easter is a time for all people of goodwill, in Kenya and worldwide, to join the Christian faithful in reflecting on the enduring and universal lessons from the life and times of Jesus Christ.

"Easter is a period of commemoration, of the painful sacrifices and intense suffering endured by the Son of God as he performed his duty of redemption for our sake, that we may become eligible for salvation through grace, and have hope of everlasting life in the kingdom of God, that has no end in time and space," Ruto said.

"We recall with great sorrow the hardship, struggle, betrayal, persecution, torture, crucifixion, and death suffered by Christ on our behalf, with the understanding that His descent into the place of death set the stage for His victory over death."

The Head of State said there is no life, place, or time in this world without its share of sufferings, deprivations, and frustrations.

He said the Easter message of hope does not deny the existence of heavy burdens and depressing setbacks with which we must struggle.

"Rather, it tells us as individuals that through discipline, combining a steadfast commitment to sound values with determined hard work, we too can triumph over adversity, transcend our challenges and find happiness, success and prosperity in our lifetime," he said.


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