Government now reveals how you can access RUTO’s negotiated jobs abroad as Kenyans anxiously wait for their turn

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - The government of President William Ruto has proposed having a Diaspora Placement Agency whose mandate will be placing Kenyans in jobs abroad.

In a draft proposal named the Diaspora Policy 2024, the State Department for Diaspora Affairs (SDDA) has explained that the agency would regulate migration in ethical ways.

“This has led to Government interventions that will ensure international job placements are ethical, well-coordinated, and backed by national and international legal frameworks, explained the draft.

Further, the agency will be tasked with curbing the haphazard and uncoordinated infringements of the rights of Kenyans working abroad.

According to the draft policy, the placement agency will also be seeking to leverage the demand for the Kenyan workforce in the diaspora.

Based on SDDA's document, Kenyan workers are in high demand because of their skills including; competency, and proficiency in English among other marketable traits.

However, the State Department explained that despite the demand for Kenyan workers abroad, there was a bottleneck in having some nations approve Kenyan qualifications and accreditations.

As such, the government aims to have Kenyan papers accredited in different countries to address the bottleneck

The agency’s mandate will also span towards establishing a mechanism for collaboration with private recruitment associations in ensuring the placement of Kenyans abroad.

Further, the government will also aim to develop a database that will record the expertise, skills, and knowledge of Kenyans in the diaspora.


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