Former Chelsea player, GEREMI NJITAP, names the two reasons for divorcing his wife after he discovered the twin children they had raised were not his

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
 – Former Chelsea and Cameroonian footballer, Geremi Njitap has named the two reasons for divorcing his wife after discovering that he didn't father the two children she claimed were his.

It was previously reported by The Sun that the former Chelsea midfielder had filed for divorce with wife Laure, after discovering that the twins, who were born in June 2008, were fathered by her previous husband.

Geremi's wife claimed that the twins were his and this made them get married four years later.

The 45-year-old, as per Mundo Deportivo, has now revealed the two reasons for divorcing his wife.

In his divorce application, he attributes his wife's 'lies' and that the marriage was 'not consummated' as reasons for his request.

The divorce application reportedly reads: 'If at the beginning of this union the wife was kind, she did not stop lying, presenting as his the twin children born on June 5, 2008 (four years before the marriage), everything that motivated their union.'

In regards to the second reason, it adds: 'Although she was a complacent wife, she closed the marital bedroom forcing her husband to sleep in other rooms.'

DNA tests allegedly showed that the two children were fathered by his wife's ex.

Geremi, who also played for Real Madrid, Newcastle and Middlesbrough, is said to have experienced a huge emotional shock following the discovery.

Court documents in Cameroon say that the player's wife 'destroyed the harmony' of their marriage 'through her abject behaviour'. It was also stated that she repeatedly lied and that 'no children have been born from this union.'

Geremi played for Chelsea between 2003 and 2007, during which time he won two Premier League titles.

Geremi made 118 appearances for Cameroon and won the Africa Cup of Nations twice, while he also received an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000.

He retired from football in 2011 after a brief spell with Greek side Larissa. 

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