Flamboyant Lawyer DONALD KIPKORIR given greenlight to auction properties worth Sh 1.69 billion belonging to Nairobi County Government.

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - Flamboyant lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, has instructed Garam Investment Auctioneers to seize properties of Nairobi county government to settle Sh 1.69 billion debt.

Kipkorir was supposed to be paid Sh 1.33 billion after representing the Nairobi county government in court against the Ministry of Defence.

However, he has yet to be paid the money. 

He has now instructed Garam Investment Auctioneers to seize City Hall's assets, including computers, furniture, cars, and office equipment, to settle the debt.

"We urge that you have the warrants issued immediately so that you execute on Thursday, March 28, as Friday is a public holiday," Kipkorir said

The lawyer claimed he litigated cases worth KSh 62 billion over ten years.

Kipkorir, who lives a lavish life, said he earned money from sweat, having come from a humble background.

He won a case against the Ministry of Defence in a lawsuit involving the parcel of land where Embakasi Barracks stands.

Kipkorir represented Nairobi City county in a case involving a 3000-acre parcel of land.



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