Drama as Nairobi residents corner kanjos and beat them proper for harassing them – Look! Kweli punda amechoka

Monday, March 11, 2024 - Kenyans were yesterday treated to rare drama after a video emerged of residents from an estate in Nairobi beating up Nairobi City Council officers popularly known as kanjos.

In the video, the officers had confiscated a few items including plywood seemingly from hardware in the area. This resulted in a confrontation between the officers and the residents.

One of the locals, dragged the materials from the officers' pick up attracting the attention of other residents and passers-by.

Another resident was depicted holding a hammer and arguing with one of the kanjos before proceeding to slap him.

Onlookers who were enraged by the behaviour of the officers were heard inciting others. They could be heard accusing kanjos of failing to respect other people's businesses.

"Life is hard for everyone, leave the young man alone. We have been quiet for so long," the residents were heard shouting.

Additionally, a section of other locals confronted some of the officers who could be seen walking away to avoid escalating the matter.

However, the angry crowd followed the officers who managed to escape after jumping into their pickup.

Some of the locals hopped onto the vehicle while others ran after it shouting and hurling stones.

Following the incident, Kenyans have called out these officers who are harassing Nairobi residents.

Most called upon Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to intervene.

Kenyans also cautioned their countrymen against taking matters into their own hands.

Others lauded the residents for standing up against the alleged mistreatment and harassment from the officers.


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