Don’t dare tamper with NADCO report, implement it as it is or else Kenyans will pay a heavy price – RAILA now warns WETANGULA and KINGI

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has warned President William Ruto’s government not to tamper with the NADCO report for the sake of all Kenyans.

In a statement, Raila, through the Azimio top decision-making organ called for a fast-tracking on its implementation, warning members of the Kenya Kwanza coalition seeking to undermine the report. 

However, Azimio expressed their gratitude for the adoption of the NADCO report.

“We express gratitude to Parliament for the adoption of the report that was a product of bipartisan consensus and wide public participation,” Azimio stated. 

“We notify those forces that should any efforts to undermine or tamper with the report succeed, there will be a very heavy price to pay,” they warned. 

The coalition also accused the National Assembly and the Senate speakers of derailing the NADCO report, urging President William Ruto to intervene and rectify the situation. 

“Those leaders have demonstrated a determination to delay, derail or even kill the NADCO report, which is a negotiated document that pulled the country out of hostilities to the peace that obtains today. Nobody should take the present situation as a given or for granted,” Azimio noted. 


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