CJ MARTHA KOOME denies ‘going to bed’ with RUTO as she sets the record straight over alleged Judiciary-Executive deal.

Friday, March 22, 2024 - Chief Justice Martha Koome has dismissed claims that the judiciary reached an agreement with the executive on the implementation of the affordable housing programme.

Speaking during the Annual Conference for Judges of the Employment and Labour Relations Court in Naivasha on Thursday, Koome stated that the judiciary is incapable of entering into an agreement with the executive regarding a matter before the court.

Koome also stressed that the third arm of government is independent, and impartial and was not party to the case therefore they could not agree with the executive.

She strongly denied President William Ruto's allegations stating that the judiciary was not a party in the course and that the president took the conversation out of context.

"Judiciary is not in any capacity able to enter into any agreement with the executive especially in a matter that is before court. The judiciary was not a party in that course and I tried myself to look at the clip where His Excellency the President was quoted to have said he agreed with the judiciary.

"I am a judge, not a communication expert but what I could say or deduce from that conversation is that it was taken out of context or there was misinterpretation because what his Excellency was saying is that he agreed with the judgment of the court that gave directions on what needed to be done to create a framework on how to administer the housing levy, and what he was telling Kenyans is that the Executive has complied with the directions given in the judgment," Koome said.


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