Avoid Crown Bus Company like a plague as it emerges that the company is supporting and funding Al-Shabaab terrorists – US drops a bombshell

 Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has exposed a famous bus company for supporting Al-Shabaab operations. 

In a statement yesterday, the US government named Crown Bus Services as the enabler of Al-Shabaab operations.

According to investigations conducted by US authorities, Crown Bus Services launders money for the terrorist group. 

The bus company reportedly receives funds from Faysal Yusuf Dini (Dini) and Mohamed Jumale Ali Awale (Awale) who are key facilitators of Al-Shabaab operations in Kenya.

The two reportedly collude with Crown Bus and other companies within the East African region to support the terror network.

Following their involvement in terror activities, the US has imposed sanctions on the Crown Bus Services. The bus operates in different parts of the country including the Coastal sides and Western part of the country.

It majorly focuses on passenger and parcel services in the country.

The money allegedly used to support the bus company comes from a Dubai-based company called Haleel Commodities L.L.C., also known as Haleel Group.


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