Woman threatens "World War 3" after her partner bought his late brother's wife the same present he gave her for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 19, 2024
 – A woman is angry that her partner gave the same Valentine's Day gift he gave her to his late brother's wife and she is threatening there would be World War 3 in her relationship as a result.

She wrote on X:

“My partner's brother passed away late last year and the wife phoned yesterday asking me to thank my partner for buying her a valentine present. I pretended to have known about it and she went on to tell me what it was and guess what ladies it’s the same present he bought for me. Am very angry and feel degraded how could he buy both of us the same present? Am l missing something here?"

An X user asked if she had asked her partner his reason and she replied:

“Trying to find a better/ calm way to ask him, if he doesn't give me a straight answer then world war 3 it is happening.”

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