Was Embu teacher DENIS MUKONO murdered and his death disguised as suicide? - His close ally makes shocking revelations.


Thursday, February 9, 2024 - The death of Embu-based Teacher, Denis Mukono, has taken a fresh twist after one of his close allies made shocking revelations, even as detectives carry out investigations.

Denis was found dead in his house after making disturbing posts on Facebook and a suicide note discovered next to his body.

Mukono’s friend says the handwriting used in the 'suicide note' was not his.

The concerned friend is also seeking to know why there was blood all over his head, yet it is alleged that he committed suicide by ingesting poison.

“Why was he carried in a blanket instead of a body bag. Why was blood all over his head? Who said poisoning one bleeds all over the body?” he sought the answers.

“Why didn’t police conduct preliminary investigations at the scene or was there a cover-up?” he added.

He further said that his friend could never commit suicide, adding that among the 17 friends, he had not contacted any.

It was alleged that Mukono took his own life after his ex-girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal.

Interestingly, he was married.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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