WAMUCHOMBA blasts RUTO as she reveals how the President has failed Kenyan women despite promising them heaven

 Wednesday, February 7, 2024 - Githunguri Member of Parliament, Gathoni Wamuchomba, has exposed how President William Ruto has failed Kenyan women despite promising them heaven during his campaigns.

In an interview with TV 47 on Tuesday, Wamuchomba, who was elected on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket, said that the President has fallen short of the pledges he made to women during campaigns.

She noted that this shows how limited Kenyan women are in the political leadership space.

The legislator said because of this, women don't get opportunities to lead in strategic areas.

"The women's space in the political arena is very limited and the available space is very suffocating. 

"We can't breathe, especially with the Kenya Kwanza government," Wamuchomba said.

"Women in politics have not been given opportunities to be in strategic positions for leadership and those that have been placed there, are there because to me it is a platform for use."

She said that during campaigns, President William Ruto promised to have an inclusive and balanced administration in terms of gender but that has not been the case.


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