Unakula kama Nguruwe - Pastor NG’ANG’A humiliates an obese man suffering from cancer and subjects him to physical exercise after he sought healing (VIDEO).

Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Controversial city preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Church was filmed humiliating an obese man in front of his congregants.

The man, who is suffering from cancer, had gone to Ng’ang’a’s church to seek healing.

Ng’ang’a called him to the pulpit and demanded to know why he was overeating.

“When I look at you, you weigh about 150kgs,” Ng’ang’a said and asked him his age.

He said he was 55-years-old.

Pastor Ng’ang’a told him that he shouldn’t be obese at his age.

He went ahead and touched his big belly and demanded to know his eating routine.

The man said he eats around 9 PM.

Ng’ang’a advised him to be eating early and also gave him some tips on how to lose weight.

He further subjected him to physical exercise by doing squats.

However, the obese man couldn’t do even one squat.

Watch the hilarious video.


 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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