They argue for hours! MOSES KURIA now reveals how DAVID NDII opposes RUTO to his face during Cabinet meetings and holds him to account

 Thursday, February 22, 2024 - Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has given a glimpse into Cabinet meetings during the Kenya Kwanza retreat held in Naivasha this week.

Speaking during an interview, Kuria disclosed how the Head of State appreciates aides and senior government officials who challenge his ideologies with evidence to support their arguments.

The CS singled out economic advisor David Ndii, who he insisted is fond of opposing Ruto's policies during Cabinet meetings.

Kuria compared the Cabinet meetings atmosphere to a university, where the bright student challenges his teacher's thought process for hours.

"He (Ruto) does his homework, he reads. If you go to his office, he will want to listen to the most junior person. 

"He likes people who push back because within that engagement a lot gets to come out," Kuria revealed.

"There's another guy who's great at pushing back. He is Dr. David Ndii. He's the real Freidrick Engels to the Karl Marx. 

"It's like a university class, the amount of intellectual discourse that goes on within some of our meetings is unbelievable."

Kuria, who is also known to speak his mind, confessed that Ndii is fearless during the meetings and often holds Ruto to account for some of the policies.

"People out there think it's fun or just about being criticised. It's a small university that happens for many hours. 

"Ndii is fearless and he's that guy. To be the chair of the Council and he led us into developing this plan and the partnership between him and the president is unbelievable," he added.

He further disputed claims from observers who claimed that the president carries an aura around him that portrays the image of a no-nonsense character who may seem strict and unapproachable.


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