SUSAN NAKHUMICHA now forces Kenyans to like RUTO despite everything – He is the best president you have ever had

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has expressed confidence in President William Ruto, saying he is the best president Kenya has ever had.

Speaking in Bungoma, Nakhumicha said Kenya will make significant strides under Ruto's tenure.

She noted that Ruto's style of leadership was ideal in enabling Kenya to go past its equals in development.

According to the Health CS, Ruto had inculcated the spirit of impactive workaholism in the Cabinet, which brought results from various government departments.

The CS said that Ruto was keen on actualizing his election manifesto and has thus charged each Cabinet member with realizing specific targets as per their dockets.

"We will never get a better president than the one we have. He is pushing us to deliver. 

"When he does that, we also push those below us to perform. He analyses if we are on course in line with his manifesto," said Nakhumicha.

She said this while rallying the Western Kenya community behind the president.

"Let us speak as a family. We are the beneficiaries of Ruto's commitment. 

"I want to urge the leaders here to think of social capital. It should help us today and even in 2027. That is the essence of social capital," she said.


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