Several Worthwhile Activities to Engage in While in Kenya

Several Worthwhile Activities to Engage in While in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with several activities you can indulge in. The vibrant atmosphere, culture, and people will ensure a fantastic time. This article will inform you of some undertakings you can enjoy in the country. Let's get straight into it.  

Watch the Excellent Wildebeest Migration

When considering the world's greatest wonders, the wildebeest migration has to come to mind. Happening in the Mara Game Reserve, this is a spectacular sight you should see when in the country. 

The wildebeest migrates from the Mara into the Serengeti and occurs annually. These animals take significant risks crossing rivers, battling crocodiles, camouflaging in the water, and waiting to continue the circle of life. Over 1.5 million animals cross this river, making it a spectacular sight. 

Watch a Football Game 

The sports scene is equally well represented in Kenya. You can watch several sports, from golf to what the country is known for, rugby. However, football is the most rewarding of all these sports.

From the atmosphere to the fanbase and the intensity of games, it will absolutely fascinate you. Some teams you should consider watching include Gor Mahia, Tusker FC, and Shabana FC.

You can make things more interesting by wagering on these teams to increase your excitement. You can find some of Kenya's preferred betting platforms on various online sites. 

Dance and Enjoy Some Music in Nairobi Clubs

The Kenyan clubbing scene is one exhilarating vicinity. When in Kenya and seeking to visit decent clubs, visit the capital, Nairobi. This city never sleeps. There are several locations in the city where you can go, have a few drinks, and enjoy various music. 

Some popular spots to consider include Kilimani, Parklands, and Westlands. You can also enjoy various Kenyan cuisines in the country, from the famous Nyama Choma to Ugali. So eat to your fill and hit the dance floor; who knows, you might meet fascinating people. 

Ride the City Center Matatus

If there's an activity that places modern Keya on the map, it is the matatu culture.  Kenya boasts of the most entertaining means of public transport, redefining the scene. In the capital city or its environs, you will witness several buses decorated with graffiti and fitted with booming music systems and televisions.

A ride in these matatus will have you wishing your arrival time slightly delayed. Most of these works of art are inspired by various international and local artists, with some built entirely on random themes. 

Final Thoughts

Kenya is a beautiful place to visit for several reasons. From the scene to the people, you are bound to love the place. While in the country, some worthwhile activities you can indulge in include watching the excellent wildebeest migration, riding the city matatus, and watching a football game. 

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