See how MONICA KIMANI’s family reacted after the court acquitted JACKIE MARIBE and found JOWIE guilty of murdering their daughter?

 Friday, February 9, 2024 - The family of the late Monica Kimani has welcomed the decision of the High Court that acquitted former Citizen TV anchor Jackie Maribe and found Jowie Irungu guilty of the murder.

Speaking after the judgment, Monica's brother, George, said they were relieved after a six-year wait for justice.

"We feel justice has been served. We are relieved. 

"The six years of waiting have been crazy. It took an emotional toll on us," George said.

In the High Court ruling on Friday, the court ruled that Jowie had murdered Monica.

Justice Grace Nzioka said Jowie stole someone's ID two days prior, armed himself with a gun, carried a kanzu and put it over his clothes, gained access to the apartment of the deceased, and murdered Monica Kimani.

"Left the house, changed his clothes and eventually went home and burnt the clothes which he wore during the commission of the offence," she said.

"All this evidence taken leaves a strong conclusion that Irungu murdered Monica Kimani."

Nzioka said the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Irungu murdered Kimani.

"The death occurred, cause of the death, the first accused committed the offence. 

"It was not a case of homicide but unlawful. I find Jowie guilty as charged herein of the offence of murder," she said.

Making the ruling on Friday, Justice Grace Nzioka said the prosecution has adduced sufficient evidence and has met the threshold.


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