See how Kenyans reacted after RUTO’s Govt asked them to donate rent to Embakasi gas explosion victims despite heavy taxation?


Friday, February 2, 2024 – Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura is on the receiving end after asking hustlers to donate rent to the victims of the Embakasi gas explosion.

Mwaura had urged Kenyans to donate cash to pay two months' rent for victims, most of whom are hospitalised. 

However, a section of Kenyans asked Mwaura to advise President William Ruto to reassess his priorities and help the victims.

In particular, Kenyans online asked the government to halt some projects like the renovation of the State House, set to cost taxpayers a whopping Ksh795 million by June this year, and redirect the fund to aid the victims. 

Others pointed him towards sourcing funds from government contingency funds.

With Ruto's administration already facing criticism for its hiked taxes and other overburdening fiscal policies, more Kenyans urged Mwaura to use part of the revenue raised to address the Embakasi crisis.

Ruto was also asked to halt his foreign trips and channel the funds to an emergency fund drive. 

Most tweeps concurred with the idea, stating that they were already donating blood for the victims voluntarily and others had set up shops where food items and other basic needs would be handed out. 

Nonetheless, the majority of the comments centred around the heavy taxation, with most Kenyans questioning the use of the funds. 

Other Kenyans asked the government to redirect the collected housing levy taxes to assist the victims. 

However, another section supported Mwaura's cause, rallying other Kenyans to contribute whatever little they had. 


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