Read how ELIUD KIPCHOGE allegedly orchestrated KELVIN KIPTUM’s downfall together with Athletic Kenya elites but he went ahead to prove them wrong - May he RIP!


Monday, February 12, 2024 - Kelvin Kiptum struggled to get a place in the marathon world. 

Despite Eliud Kipchoge being aware of his ability to compete with him in the same league, he was among the people who orchestrated his downfall together with AK elites.

 At one point Kiptum was set to change his nationality to Great Britain after a coach spotted him & noticed his struggles at a camp in Chepkorio despite his ability to move mountains. 

Gervais Hakizimana came to his rescue before he could move to Britain & became his coach who would later help him secure a place on the international stage.

Kelvin Kiptum is undisputably the Greatest Marathoner of All Time & Kipchoge was scared of the young blood in the game. 

"Without the help of a pacesetter & special improvised sneakers, Kiptum was brutally going to show Eliud the true meaning of No Human Is Limited.

 Kelvin Kiptum's story is the exact reality of what young upcoming athletes go through under the hands of gatekeepers. 

One might think that it's only Kenya Army & Police recruitment where one has to pay hefty to get a place, but the corruption in Athletic Kenya surpasses all of them. 

You have to oil the hands of an Athletics Kenya official for you to get a place on the field, leaving those who are hungry to succeed behind, mind you one is highly motivated by the poverty back at home.

This is one of the reasons why we are witnessing some of our great Athletes moving towards our neighboring country Uganda where they're warmly welcomed, accorded VVIP treatment & awarded heavily; also their hard-earned money is not taxed. 

It's only in Athletics Kenya where officials sleep at 5-star hotels while our athletes sleep on the floor at the airport hours before they compete.

For those who can't afford to bribe their way to the field like Kelvin Kiptum, their position is occupied by the official's girlfriends & relatives. 

It's only a matter of When not If, before Kenya loses its place at the Hall of Fame as far as Athletics is concerned.

It's almost 5 months since Kelvin Kiptum broke the World Record & Eliud Kipchoge has never even bothered to recognize or congratulate him let alone mentor him. But one day that fraud will be exposed & I'll be here Inshallah to remind y'all of this day.

 It's hard to accept that Kelvin Kiptum is no longer with us, but his spirit will forever be with us. Another true Son of the soil will rise again, son of a Peasant like Kiptum & we will be there to witness the unpacking of a legacy built from Hate, Deceit, Gatekeeping & Jealousy influenced by worn-out athletes. 

Rest In Peace the Real G.O.A.T Kelvin Kiptum.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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