Rapper NONINI faces imminent arrest as EZEKIEL MUTUA reports him to the DCI! Look, he may never step into the country again.


Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has responded to claims by rapper Nonini that he swindled artists’ money.

Mutua claims the document shared by the veteran Genge rapper has been doctored from the financial statements of the Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE).

He described Nonini as a fugitive and said that he is facing imminent arrest for embezzling artists’ money when he was a director at Mupake and Prisk.

According to Mutua, MCSK has already reported Nonini and former officials at Prisk to DCI and is pursuing their prosecution.

There's this fugitive @Noninimgenge2ru who embezzled musicians' money when he was a director of MUPAKE & PRISK. 

"We reported him and his gang to the police last week and we are pursuing their prosecution. 

"Now I hear he's circulating a FAKE document on social media purporting it's official accounts of MCSK but the document is actually lifted from the MUPAKE accounts of 2017-2019 and doctored to serve the fertile imagination, he wrote on his X account.

Mutua has dared Nonini to take the document to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and record a statement if it is genuine.

Nonini had accused MCSK of unfair distribution of royalties to artists, with administrators getting the lion's share of the collections.

You see the exact problem that is affecting the Kenyan Music Industry. 

"These are the figures MCSK budgeted artists monies for the year that just ended 2023. 

"This is a problem in all CMOs administration and directors benefit more than anyone,Nonini stated.

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